The Best Android Phones

The Best Android Phones

The Best Android Phones

Shopping for a new phone can be an ordeal. Let us take some of the pain out of it with these picks and tips.

The smartphone is the heart of the modern world, it's not only essential for communication, it's your entertainment, smart home control devices and your constant companion.

Samsung Galaxy S20+

Samsung's experience pours into the S20 family, with the + model having the size and clout to cut it as one of the best phones around. It has oodles of power, good battery performance and a great display, all efficiently packed into a tidy handset package. There's 5G for connectivity - which makes this phone a little more expensive - but also some great work happening with the camera.

The Galaxy S20+ betters the S20 Ultra offering better value for money and a more consistent camera performance escaping some of the gimmicks of the Ultra. That sees good zoom performance and quality images across the board. But the Galaxy S20+ is really tied together by the software experience, which is the best of the skinned Android versions out there.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite

The Mi 10 Lite is another Snapdragon 765 phone, meaning excellent value for money, while offering 5G and performance that's close to a flagship phone. 

It might not be to all tastes as the camera is a little over-sold on the rear while the software isn't the cleanest you'll find. But it's still a great smartphone experience for the price.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Samsung's Galaxy S20 FE takes the best parts of its flagship phones, replaces the back with plastic, flattens the display and drops the price. The result? The flagship experience that's easier on the pocket, with no real disadvantages.

The cameras are great, avoiding the gimmicks, while the 5G version - the one you want - has loads of power. There's great speakers, a 120Hz display for smooth gaming and the option to expand the storage via microSD. What's not to like?

Nokia 4.2

Perhaps one of the best overall options is the newer Nokia 4.2 smartphone. Yes, Nokia is back and they make excellent phones with a guarantee of software updates. Something we can’t say about Motorola anymore.

While the screen is only 5.71-inches, not everyone wants a giant phone. The real benefits are the low price point and the software experience. The Nokia 4.2 is part of the Android One program, which ensures updates, and it already has Android 10. You’re also getting dual rear cameras, a tiny notch in the screen for the front-facing camera, expandable storage, a fingerprint scanner, and a dedicated Google Assistant button. It’s a nice little phone.

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